Journey Back to California Part 1

Paul and I are back in California! It feels great to be back to routine and out of the swamp! 🙂 We spent 23 days traveling across the country from Orlando, FLorida, to Los Angeles, California. We took the scenic route across the U.S.A. to see whats out there, it was the chance of a lifetime! In this 1st post, we start out in Atlanta, Georgia, at Stone Mountain, then we drove to Nashville, Tennessee. We drove most of the day everyday then had the afternoon and evening in the destination city so a lot of things were rushed. We did our best to get the most out of each city and hope to see what we missed someday!

About Karen Cohen Photography

I am a freelance photographer located in Pasadena Ca, I love taking pictures and meeting new people!
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1 Response to Journey Back to California Part 1

  1. Seems you guys had a fabulous time. Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Peace!….with 2 fingers;)

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