Disney Day #3

I went to Epcot again last Thursday, and I think I may have had my fill. I have had the opportunity to take pictures of some cool bar tricks the last two weeks by a bar tender in the UK Rose & Crown Pub named Carl. He can balance a tipped pint on a dime! This Thursday I will start out in Epcot and check out the aquarium again, then head to Magic Kingdom to get some pictures there and go on a few rides. I have been enjoying my Disney days a lot the past few weeks. This Thursday might be my last, since I will probably go back to a Monday through Friday work week, but its all up to the boss.

About Karen Cohen Photography

I am a freelance photographer located in Pasadena Ca, I love taking pictures and meeting new people!
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1 Response to Disney Day #3

  1. Carl The Bartender says:

    Great pictures Karen it has been a pleasure meeting you over the past few visits see you real soon Carl

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