Wedding Season!

Just a small selection of wedding pictures I’ve taken the past few weekends ūüôā

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Baby Daniel

Baby Daniel-51 Baby Daniel-5 Baby Daniel-1 Baby Daniel-6 Baby Daniel-17 Baby Daniel-20 Baby Daniel-29 Baby Daniel-30 Baby Daniel-41 Baby Daniel-43 Baby Daniel-45 Baby Daniel-49

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Back on the Blogging Train!

Earlier today I realized that I haven’t updated my blog in almost ONE YEAR! ¬†Im way over due, so for now I decided to post a few choice random pictures i’ve taken recently.¬† ¬†A lot has changed over the past year and I have been busier than ever with photo jobs¬†but I’m going to try to update more frequently with new work!

Seattle Skyline-3 Lighthouse Jason and Lorraine-162 copy IMG_1959-2 copy IMG_1671 copyright IMG_1530 copyright IMG_1455 copyright IMG_1447 copyright IMG_0633 copyright IMG_0549 copy IMG_0491 copyright IMG_0374 copyright IMG_0314 copyright IMG_0269 copyright IMG_0230 copyright IMG_0164 copyright IMG_0118 copyright IMG_0094 copyright IMG_0072 copyright IMG_0028 copyright

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UK Trip Teasers

IMG_0991 copyright IMG_0439 copyright Lock Bridge copyright Train Lights Stack Copyright IMG_0116 copyright IMG_0283 copyright IMG_0028 copyright

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Cloudy Ocean Beach


I bought a new 10 stop filter for my camera which creates a great smooth and creamy effect on the water in my photos.  I tested it out in Ocean Beach last weekend when Paul and I went to San Diego for a wedding.  I was there early in the morning so it was still cloudy.  Once I got back in my car to leave, the sun came out and the sky turned blue!  On Sunday, Paul, my brother Ben and I fly to Europe!  We are going to travel to London, Paris and Scotland.  Stay tuned for pictures!

IMG_0056 copyright IMG_0012 copyright IMG_0043 copyright IMG_0015 copyright IMG_0074 copyright IMG_0091 copyright

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View From the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles


The Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles has a beautiful view of the city and a great rooftop pool!  I was told not to take any photos of the building itself but I managed to get a shot with the pool before anyone said anything to me.

IMG_0185 copyright IMG_0242 copyright

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Las Vegas In May Part 1

Last month Paul and I went to Las Vegas as a mini celebration for our one year wedding anniversary. ¬†We didn’t go all out because we are going to London, Paris and Edinburgh with my brother next month in July! ¬†(Stay tuned for pictures!) ¬†We walked the strip and went to check out the LINQ which is the new ferris wheel at the High Roller Casino right next to the Flamingo and the Quad. ¬†The LINQ is really neat because you can stand and walk around in a little pod as you go around the wheel for a great view just like the London Eye. ¬†IMG_0327-2 copy copy IMG_0200 IMG_0011 copy IMG_0259 copy IMG_0097 copy IMG_0062 copy copy IMG_0102-2 copy IMG_0122 copy IMG_0142 IMG_0237 copy IMG_0151 IMG_0147 copy IMG_0072 copy IMG_0224 copy Untitled1-2 copy copy IMG_0296

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Star Trails

Recently I started shooting star trails at night.  Instead of one long exposure I shoot many shorter, yet still long exposures and stack them together in photoshop.  I started with the abandoned lot next door and was happy with the result so I went out last night in Palmdale with my mom for an hour or so and shot star trails with a Joshua tree in the foreground.  I am very pleased with the result and plan to shoot star trails more often!

Jashua Tree Startrail Copyright Star Trail copyright

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The Neon Graveyard In Las Vegas

A few weeks ago Paul and I went to Las Vegas for a couple of days to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary.  We walked the strip and went to the Neon Graveyard, a place Paul has been wanting to go for a long time!  We had a great time and hopefully we will be able to go back soon.

IMG_0549 copy IMG_0578 IMG_0582 copy IMG_0609 IMG_0615 copy IMG_0618 copy IMG_0629 copy IMG_0653 copy IMG_0672 copy IMG_0678 copy IMG_0693 copy IMG_0708 copy IMG_0715 copy copy IMG_0726 copy copy IMG_0739 copy IMG_0763-Recovered IMG_0555 copy

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Downtown Los Angeles From 3rd and 4th Street Bridges

IMG_0634 copy-2 copy IMG_0651 copy copy IMG_0637 copy copyIMG_0599 copy-2 copy

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